Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bronzed Goddess Summer Glow

Back to school supplies, Halloween décor – really? I know we all love fall, but please let me enjoy the rest of my summer. Until the temps actually drop and I lose my tan, I’ll continue my summer makeup routine. If you want to keep up that bronzed goddess summer glow (yes, please) here’s how:

Summer Glow

1. Laura Mercier Primer

A primer is always a good product to start with, especially in the summer when I want my makeup to stay in place during hot and humid weather. I’m looking for a primer to help my makeup last and also give me a subtle summer glow, hence the radiance.

On a day-to-day basis, I typically avoid heavy foundations in the summer. I feel like when my skin’s naturally a shade or two darker, I don’t need as much coverage. This lightweight serum foundation morphs to fit your skin-tone, and I know because my mom swears by this stuff (I’ve also sampled it a time or two). It starts out white and as you blend, it starts to magically change color to match your skin-tone. Definitely could see myself using this as a part of my everyday routine.

3. Hourglass Bronzer

I’m all about illuminating bronzers in the summer and have heard amazing things about this one by Hourglass. Currently I switch between a few Milani bronzers from the drugstore, but I’m looking for something with less of an orange tint. Although this is a bit of price difference from drugstore bronzer, if it’s the color I’m searching for, it’ll definitely be worth it.

I’ll never be against some extra glow, especially in the summer. One highlighter I’ve heard about over the years and never actually tried is MAC’s soft and gentle. I think this summer I just may give in. Glow, baby, glow.

5. Lorac Pro Contour Kit
I love to brighten up my under-eyes and currently use the Anastasia contour kit to do so. Since I love Lorac’s eyeshadows and heard this one is a bit more pigmented, (plus I’m out of the bright shades in the Anastasia kit) I figured why not try this one next? I typically only use the contour colors when I do a full face of “going out” makeup, so those shades come in handy too! **Beauty tip: I use a beauty sponge.

Keep on glowing.